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Ride On Trowel HRT168M
Ride On Trowel HRT168M
Ride On Trowel HRT168M
Ride On Trowel HRT168M
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02 Jan 2020
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Ride On Trowel - Power Trowel HRT168M

Flat concrete surfaces are necessary for housing, warehouses, garages, industrial buildings and airports due to the continuous heavy load in such areas. Flat surfaces are also required for large warehouse construction projects and airports as they have greater requirements for the flat surfaces due to the safety and set-up requirements. Hoppt’s range of power trowel offers you a cost efficient option to achieve a high quality finish and flat floor in a quicker time.

Toweling right up to the edge

The HRT168M is powered by the HONDA® GX690 Gasoline Engine and it is mechanically driven and spec with all the necessities of a great ride on trowels. The HRT168M allow the user to have greater control as well as finishing in small or narrow areas. With the 4-blade design, and the heavy duty gearbox allows for a good balance ride-on trowel that is perfect for getting super-flat floors.


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