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Diesel Tamping Rammer RAM85DZ
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31 Oct 2019
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Specification of

Diesel Tamping Rammer RAM85DZ

Top of the line diesel rammer

Top of the line diesel driven rammer from Hoppt, the RAM85DZ comes fitted with a Hatz diesel engine. Its top-of-the-line performance makes it an obvious choice when effective compaction of cohesive, mixed or granular type soil is needed on a larger work area.

Features and Benefits

    A heavy-duty rammer powered by a diesel engine
    Fitted with the durable Hatz 1B20 engine provides
    Self cleaning high capacity fuel tank, offers long life and minimum maintenance
    Central lifting point for transportation
    Well balanced and easy to handle
    German made bellows to withstand the high impact force of the rammer
    Easy throttle control
    Vibration-reduction and ergonomically designed handle
    Large foot plate increases the compacted area


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