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Power Trowel

Selling Power Trowel in Jakarta. Concrete trowel machine or also called concrete power trowel is a tool or machine used to flatten and smooth the concrete surface which is still in the hardening process. Final finishing on the concrete surface can be done manually or masinal.

Trowel machine has a base consisting of several leaves of steel plates that can rotate and smooth the concrete surface. Surfaces finished with a trowel machine are stronger and more durable than handwork. This trowel machine is also used for leveling / sanding / smoothing the surface of andhesit floors or other hard rock.

PT Commindo Sakti is the most complete, cheapest power trowel distributor with the best quality. In addition we also provide the best power trowel brands that have become the choice of consumers for all needs. Buy cheap price power trowel from us with the best specifications.

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