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PT Commindo Sakti (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT. COMMINDO SAKTI, established in 2000 in Jakarta, is engaged in the Importer of Products of Mold Base Products from several countries, such as: Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, China, etc. . In addition, we are also the sole agent of the trademark "HOPPT".

Hoppt is the first Singapore company to produce light construction equipment. Founded in 1975 as a manufacturer of mold base, and building the highest industry standards and precision, Hoppt has now expanded its network and become a global brand that is recognized for reliability and quality in more than 90 countries in the world.

Our mission is:

1. Providing the best quality and product quality

2. Providing fast, efficient and competitive services to customers

3. Providing professional after-sales service to customers

4. Providing the best quality and product quality


Menjadi perusahaan dagang yang kompetitif, berkualitas, berkompetensi, serta menguasai sumber dan jaringan pemasaran di dalam negeri


Memberikan kualitas dan mutu produk yang terbaik


Kami adalah agen tunggal dari Merk dagang “ HOPPT”. Kami jual mesin konstruksi: Mesin Aspal Baby Roller, Mesin Beton Hand Held Concrete Vibrator,  Mesin Pemadat Tanah Diesel, Mesin Aspal Ride On Roller, Mesin Besi Bar Cutter, Mesin Beton Concrete Cutter dan banyak mesin-mesin yang lain. Produk kami telah teruji kualitas dan keunggulannya sehingga dapat diandalkan untuk mendukung industri anda.


Jalan Agung Niaga III Block G3 No.49, Sunter Agung Jakarta Utara 14350 Jakarta Utara 14350
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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